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spoon-business: In case the world doesn't end...


{{ _DimShip Fixes_

Change Rule 493 to read:

{{ _DimShips_

There exists a type of object called a Dimensions Ship, also known as a DimShip.

A DimShip is capable of carrying a Player through DimSpace by taking on virtual dimensional values: Buoyancy (positive virtual value) and Ballast (negative virtual value). A DimShip can take on Buoyancy or Ballast or a combination of the two, in any Dimension or combination of Dimensions.

A Player riding a DimShip does not travel to a specific location in DimSpace; rather, e displaces emself from eir current DimSpace location.  A Player may only ride a single DimShip at a time; the virtual dimensions it generates are based on the Player's real, unmodified dimensions.  A DimShip that is not being ridden is considered to be displaced from the Origin.

Ballast and Buoyancy are each limited to 100. Each can be set to as much as 100, even at the same time, for displacement in single or multiple dimensions. That is, no matter how many dimensions Ballast is gathered for, total Ballast must be less than or equal to 100; same with Buoyancy.

The cost to produce a DimShip is 100 score.

A DimShip, once built, can be launched, which puts it into active use. A DimShip that has been launched can be landed, which takes it out of active use. DimShips can be landed at any time, and must be landed when adding equipment or conducting repairs. A DimShip is automatically landed when its ballast and buoyancy limits are zero. DimShips can be launched at the end of the nweek.

If a player owns a DimShip and has launched it, then rules other than this one that check eir dimension values will check the values of eir virtual dimensions. Rules that change the values of dimensions, though, will change eir real dimensions.


In Rule 635, change "DimShips can have" to "DimShips can have Equipment called".



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