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spoon-business: Hopefully the last DimShip CFI

[[ Ya know...I just realized we've all been skirting the issue... ]]

CFI statement:

Virtual dimensions are determined by the adding of a single DimShip's buoyancy to and the subtracting of the same DimShip's ballast from a Player's real, unmodified dimensions.  Rule 493 does not now have, nor has it ever had, recursive application; the effect of DimShips on a Player's virtual dimensions is not cumulative.  At any given time, a Player uses no more than one DimShip; if e has more than one, the one e uses is the one e has explicitly declared that e uses, or, lacking that, the first one e purchased.


I cite my analysis in my ruling on the appeal of CFI 754, and further state that, if this CFI's statement is not true, the game has been broken for some time, and it is my opinion that the game is not broken now.  Therefore, this CFI's statement is true.