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spoon-business: CFI

I cease to recognize a state of Emergency.


Statement: DimShips do not change players' dimensions when they are used.

Defendant: None

Analysis by Plaintiff:

The DimShip rule, as has been established, seems to result in DimShip-using
players having undefined dimensions. However, if a dimension is undefined
then it is not a number, and Rule 153 says:
A Dimension is any numerical attribute of players which is defined as a
Dimension by the rules. A Dimension can in general have any real number as
its value, although specific Dimensions may have restrictions imposed on the
range of values they can take.

As r153 has a lower ordinal number than r493[[DimShips]], it supercedes it
by r33[[Chutzpah]]. Thus, r493 cannot make a dimension cease to be a number
without violating rule 153.

The DimShip rule therefore fails to modify any player's dimensions, as its
method of doing so would result in a violation of r153.