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spoon-business: CFI

> >
> >All right, is r0 invoked or not? And how difficult would it be to fix 
> >things
> >if it is?
> No, because a majority of players need to recognize an emergency before r0 
> kicks in.  Eight is a majority, and I think we only have six.

And you won't have my vote until I am convinced that an emergency exists.
At present I believe that the ruleset is entirely playable.  We aren't a
computer program and there is no need to crash as soon as we get an
undefined value.

All we need is for the judicial system to make a decision about what
happens when we get an undefined value.

I appeal CFI 754
I submit the following CFI:

Given that the rules exist to be interpreted by intelligent beings, and
given that it might, through methods foreseen or unforeseen, become
impossible to determine the value of various game values, and
given that this has indeed happened, I submit the following statement:

No player was awarded a win during nweek 16.

My analysis follows.

Rule 18/2 states that "With the exception of Rule Changes whatever is not
prohibited or regulated by the Ruleset is permitted and unregulated."

Indeterminate values are neither prohibited nor regulated.  Therefore it
is up to us to come to some decision how they shall be dealt with.  The
simplest means of dealing with an undefined value is to have the answer of
any query made of it be "no", and this is the principle I suggest we apply
here.  I do not suggest that we apply this principle indiscriminately, for
example if the rules were to ask "is the value of x indeterminate?" it
would be foolish to return an answer of "no" due to precedent if x were
indeterminate.  However, in present circumstances the principle is quite
simple to apply.

Rule 27/2 states that "If at any time a player's score equals or exceeds
1000 points, and that player's Charm and Activity are both greater than
zero, that player is immediately awarded a Win."

The rule asks the question "Is the value of any player's greater than or
equal to 1000 points?"  In the case of Wonko and others whose score is
indeterminate, the answer is "no."

Furthermore, rule 440 asks the question "is the global Entropy greater
than 500?" since the global Entropy is also indeterminate the answer
should also be "no."


Dan Waldron
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