William Berard on Tue, 27 Nov 2007 18:39:29 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [s-d] [s-b] BobTHJ's Refresh Proposal

On 11/27/07, Kerim Aydin <kerim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2007, Mike McGann wrote:
> > On Nov 27, 2007 3:08 AM, William P. Berard
> > <william.berard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Funny you should mention that, but I was just talking about this with
> >> 0x44 on IRC last night (well, last night GMT), he pointed out "what
> >> wouls be the incentive to play", but I think status, recognition and
> >> intellectual stimulation should be enough...
> >
> > What is the incentive for a dungeon master in a game of old school
> > pencil-and-paper D&D game?
> To kill all the players while pretending to be objective, of course!
> [I'm not sure if this is an argument for or against this idea.]
> Actually, we've had some good luck in the past with agora with
> "Contests" in which a contestmaster can award points (and therefore
> wins) based on rules e makes up.  There have been some very good
> sub-games run this way, and the contestmaster enjoys props from a
> game well-run and nothing else.  Mafia is one game that works well
> as a email nomic sub-game, as is Haggle.  Another fun one is taking
> side-bets on proposals passing.  Fantasy Rules Committee also does
> this rather well.  Not sure how it works long-term with a nomic as
> a whole--- The original Nomic World MUD was run this way,
> unfortunately the MUD wizards were also players so self-interest
> often intruded (though they tried to be honest).
> -G.

Hm, speakin of bets, I was actually drafting befor the emergency, a proposal
to implement a bet system allowing players to bet in a anonymous fashion
on any game action and their outcome, everything being coordinated by a
Minister of Gambling (nicknamed "The Bookie") whose task would be to publish
open wagers, odds, and so on...

It could spice up the game a bit more, and allow for interestign financial
strategies (compensating the loss of a proposal through betting...)
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