Roger Hicks on Wed, 27 Jun 2007 07:40:35 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] Proposal: Let the Factions Vote, Option 2

> > On 6/26/07, Peter Cooper Jr. <pete+bnomic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> But again, I could see changing the limit so that players can be in
> only 2 or 3 Factions. That would still limit things, but it still
> means that if I don't like any existing Factions I'll just create 3
> factions that just include myself and vote via them. So I'm still not
> sure of the best plan here.
If all factions started with a Voting Power of 0, then there would be
nothing gained by creating multiple factions, if you changed Voting
Power gains to something like this:
Once, before Rushnight on each nweek, each player may swear fealty to
one faction. On ballot day, each Faction gains an amount of Voting
Power equal to the number of players that swore fealty to that

At the end of each nweek, each Faction's Voting Power is reduced to
90% of its previous total (rounded down).

Under the above system, a player could go and create a dozen factions
but there would be no tangible gain as they would still be limited to
one Voting Power per week. However, this would foster a system of
several strong Factions, with many players each vying to control that
Faction's votes.

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