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[s-d] Proto-prop: Make B Nomic a limited partnership

[[ This proposal (to be submitted in B Nomic) is intended to define B
Nomic as a limited partnership, and a non-natural player of Agora Nomic.
Until certain issues (such as whether limited partnerships existed in
the first place) are resolved in agora, and agoran proposal 5038 (or
similar) passes to allow us to refer to B Nomic rules and the like, it's
not possible to submit, but I thought it would be good to throw it out
for discussion ]]

Create the following rule:

__B Nomic Partnership agreement__

   This agreement is based in part on the Primo Corporation Charter. Section 0
   is based on agoran rule 754/6.

  Terms used in this agreement, shall be interpreted with the following precedence:
    0)  "Defined", for the purpose of this list, shall indicate that a
        particular term is either
        a) explicitly defined in some specific document or collection thereof
        b) used in some specific document or collection thereof in a manner
           signifigantly differing from its ordinary language definition (if
           any), in such a way that a definition is strongly implied.
    1) Terms qualified as being defined in a particular nomic shall be
       interpreted as is customary in that nomic. For example, "Agoran rule"
       or "Player of Agora Nomic" are interpreted according to Agora Nomic
       definitions, precedent, and game custom.
    2) Terms defined in the B Nomic ruleset, and not addressed in previous
       provisions of this section, shall be interpreted as defined therein.
    3) Terms defined in the Agoran ruleset, and not addressed in previous
       provisions of this section, shall be interpreted as defined therein.
    4) Terms used primarily in mathematical or legal context, and not
       addressed in previous provisions of this rule, shall be interpreted
       as having the meaning they have in those contexts.
    5) Any term not addressed by previous provisions of this section shall
       be interpreted as having its ordinary-language meaning.
  Terms used in the remainder of the B Nomic ruleset shall be interpreted
  similarly, except that Agoran terms shall be used if and only if the use
  of the term explicitly calls for the Agoran usage.

1. This is a binding agreement governed by the Rules of Agora. Parties
to this Agreement shall be known as B Nomic Players. Henceforth in this
document, B Nomic Players shall be referred to as Players (with a
capital P).

2. Players shall act according to this Agreement. This however does not
impair the ability of Players to act as individuals on their own behalf.
Players shall jointly act as B Nomic.

3. This agreement comes into effect seven days after its enactment as a
Rule of B Nomic. At this time, any Player of B Nomic is assumed to have
agreed to this agreement. Any Player who registers in B Nomic after the
enactment of this Rule is assumed to agree to this agreement.

4. Once this agreement comes into effect, the current Administrator of B
Nomic is ensure that both e and B Nomic are registered as players of
Agora Nomic as soon as possible. Other Players of B Nomic may (but are
not required to) register as players of Agora Nomic as well.

5. B Nomic's players are bound by the Rules of B Nomic, of which this
agreement is a member. Any and all B Nomic rules are to have the same
binding power as this document.

6. B Nomic's actions in Agora Nomic are bound by the Rules of B Nomic. B
Nomic takes no action except when a B Nomic rule explicitly commands
and/or authorizes it to do so. Any attempt on the part of a Player to
act on the behalf of B Nomic without this authorization is moot.

7. Unless otherwise stated in the authorizing rule, B Nomic Actions are
to be executed by the B Nomic administrator as soon as possible. [[ ie,
within seven days ]]

8. B Nomic proposals may command B Nomic to carry out certain actions in
Agora Nomic. This Rule authorizes and commands B Nomic to execute such
actions if they are possible in Agora Nomic.

9. No Player may be commanded to become or cease to be a player of Agora
Nomic, except the B Nomic Administrator, who must ensure e is a player
of Agora Nomic at all times. Any commands in violation of this clause
are moot.

10. No Player who is not a player of Agora Nomic may be commanded to
take action in Agora Nomic. Should such a Player be obliged to take
action on the behalf of B Nomic, this obligation falls instead to the B
Nomic Administrator.

11. Players may terminate their obligations under this agreement at any
time by Forfeiting the game of B Nomic.

12. This Agreement takes precedence over any and all conflicting rules
of B Nomic.

13. There is no clause 13. Any player claiming or implying otherwise on
a public forum shall receive the property "Unbeliever".

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