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Re: [s-d] [s-b] proposal - fast rules

On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 04:41:25PM -0700, Aaron Coquet wrote:
> Attributes:
> 1) any rule which, in its text, states that "If this rule conflicts
> with another rule, this rule wins." be changed to "This Rule is fast.
> [[example: in Proposal 0008, "Hard Rules", immediately prior to the
> final comment text, "
> If this rule conflicts with another rule or rules, this rule takes
> precedence." would be changed to "This rule is Fast."]]
> This Rule is fast.

I don't think I understand this proposal. Is this a rule? If so, it's
generally against game precedent to specify instant changes to the
ruleset in a rule; rather, we state them in a proposal like so:

{{ __Some prop__

  Change flib to baz.

  Create a rule:
  {{ __All your baz are belong to us__


It helps avoid confusion there; and moreover, prevents us from having to
grep the ruleset for all these instantaneous changes whenever anything
happens (since those changes apply /all the time/).

Additionally, what about alternate wordings, such as "This rule takes
precedence over all other rules" ? It's not in the current ruleset, but
I'm against direct s/// without good reason ;)

Finally, rule 1-14 defines attributes, which seem not to match your
use above.

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