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Re: [s-d] Proto-prop: Make B Nomic a limited partnership

B Nomic already has a number of rules that duplicate provisions in your
agreement. Is it necessary to repeat them? It seems to me the only points
you would need to address to make B Nomic a binding agreement under Agoran
law are those not already addressed by current B Nomic rules.


On 6/19/07, bd_ <bdonlan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> [[ This proposal (to be submitted in B Nomic) is intended to define B
> Nomic as a limited partnership, and a non-natural player of Agora Nomic.
> Until certain issues (such as whether limited partnerships existed in
> the first place) are resolved in agora, and agoran proposal 5038 (or
> similar) passes to allow us to refer to B Nomic rules and the like, it's
> not possible to submit, but I thought it would be good to throw it out
> for discussion ]]
> Create the following rule:
> {{
> __B Nomic Partnership agreement__
> [[
>    This agreement is based in part on the Primo Corporation Charter.
> Section 0
>    is based on agoran rule 754/6.
> ]]
>   Terms used in this agreement, shall be interpreted with the following
> precedence:
>     0)  "Defined", for the purpose of this list, shall indicate that a
>         particular term is either
>         a) explicitly defined in some specific document or collection
> thereof
>            or
>         b) used in some specific document or collection thereof in a
> manner
>            signifigantly differing from its ordinary language definition
> (if
>            any), in such a way that a definition is strongly implied.
>     1) Terms qualified as being defined in a particular nomic shall be
>        interpreted as is customary in that nomic. For example, "Agoran
> rule"
>        or "Player of Agora Nomic" are interpreted according to Agora Nomic
>        definitions, precedent, and game custom.
>     2) Terms defined in the B Nomic ruleset, and not addressed in previous
>        provisions of this section, shall be interpreted as defined
> therein.
>     3) Terms defined in the Agoran ruleset, and not addressed in previous
>        provisions of this section, shall be interpreted as defined
> therein.
>     4) Terms used primarily in mathematical or legal context, and not
>        addressed in previous provisions of this rule, shall be interpreted
>        as having the meaning they have in those contexts.
>     5) Any term not addressed by previous provisions of this section shall
>        be interpreted as having its ordinary-language meaning.
>   Terms used in the remainder of the B Nomic ruleset shall be interpreted
>   similarly, except that Agoran terms shall be used if and only if the use
>   of the term explicitly calls for the Agoran usage.
> 1. This is a binding agreement governed by the Rules of Agora. Parties
> to this Agreement shall be known as B Nomic Players. Henceforth in this
> document, B Nomic Players shall be referred to as Players (with a
> capital P).
> 2. Players shall act according to this Agreement. This however does not
> impair the ability of Players to act as individuals on their own behalf.
> Players shall jointly act as B Nomic.
> 3. This agreement comes into effect seven days after its enactment as a
> Rule of B Nomic. At this time, any Player of B Nomic is assumed to have
> agreed to this agreement. Any Player who registers in B Nomic after the
> enactment of this Rule is assumed to agree to this agreement.
> 4. Once this agreement comes into effect, the current Administrator of B
> Nomic is ensure that both e and B Nomic are registered as players of
> Agora Nomic as soon as possible. Other Players of B Nomic may (but are
> not required to) register as players of Agora Nomic as well.
> 5. B Nomic's players are bound by the Rules of B Nomic, of which this
> agreement is a member. Any and all B Nomic rules are to have the same
> binding power as this document.
> 6. B Nomic's actions in Agora Nomic are bound by the Rules of B Nomic. B
> Nomic takes no action except when a B Nomic rule explicitly commands
> and/or authorizes it to do so. Any attempt on the part of a Player to
> act on the behalf of B Nomic without this authorization is moot.
> 7. Unless otherwise stated in the authorizing rule, B Nomic Actions are
> to be executed by the B Nomic administrator as soon as possible. [[ ie,
> within seven days ]]
> 8. B Nomic proposals may command B Nomic to carry out certain actions in
> Agora Nomic. This Rule authorizes and commands B Nomic to execute such
> actions if they are possible in Agora Nomic.
> 9. No Player may be commanded to become or cease to be a player of Agora
> Nomic, except the B Nomic Administrator, who must ensure e is a player
> of Agora Nomic at all times. Any commands in violation of this clause
> are moot.
> 10. No Player who is not a player of Agora Nomic may be commanded to
> take action in Agora Nomic. Should such a Player be obliged to take
> action on the behalf of B Nomic, this obligation falls instead to the B
> Nomic Administrator.
> 11. Players may terminate their obligations under this agreement at any
> time by Forfeiting the game of B Nomic.
> 12. This Agreement takes precedence over any and all conflicting rules
> of B Nomic.
> 13. There is no clause 13. Any player claiming or implying otherwise on
> a public forum shall receive the property "Unbeliever".
> }}
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