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Re: [s-d] It Lives! or, a modern subgame (Draft)

> that's why i reserved veto power for the implementator, that way if
> something incredibly hard to code passes, you can just refuse to
> implement it.

I like that.

> player a and player b join the game
> player a digs the graveyard and puts whatever part comes out on sale for
> 100g
> player b buys the part and quits, player a has 200g
> player b joins, digs a part and sells it for 200g
> player a buys it and quits, player b has 300g
> ...
> player a has a zillion gold
> e wires it abroad for a million points and wins the game

Is the problem the market, then?  Or is it that you give each player
100g when ey starts?

Put it another way: the problem is: where does all the gold come from?

One solution: put a finite amout of gold in the game; give it to the
Market.  Starting players get nothing.  Have the market buy parts at a
fixed fee according to rarity and sell them at a markup.  Then allow
players to swap gold and parts as they wish, arrange their own trades.
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