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Re: [s-d] It Lives! or, a modern subgame (Draft)

> Yes, it's supposed to be scripted. but I wanted to straighten out stuff
> before writing the code.

It does look *very* complicated to me, bearing in mind that these
rules aren't set in stone.  But then I'm a newbie.  Fun, also, though.
 Reminds me of a Roger Zelazny novel who's name escapes me...  "A
night in lonesome october"?

> Still, it's easy to artificially inflate prices and generally wreck the
> economy, especially since the way it is currently worded people can use
> the market as storage, while they quit and join.
> mayor oops
> Any suggestions on how to handle this ?

Does it need handling?  If a player puts his parts on the market at an
inflated price, then no-one will buy them.  And if ey leaves and
rejoins, ey wont be able to afford them.

Although, maybe it would be better if you removed the bit about body
part belonging to the market.  That way when a player leaves the game
eir body parts are no longer around.  Makes more sense that way,
maybe, too - if the part belongs to the market, why does the player
get the gold?

> Sure, there is no winning condition yet, but I was planning one,
> possibly a relatively easy one so to have many short "quick and dirty"
> rounds rather than one single interminable game.

Too simplistic, maybe, but the simplest winning condition would be
"last one left in the game".  That would require a rule only allowing
joining the game after someone had won it...
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