Antonio Dolcetta on Thu, 14 Dec 2006 19:09:58 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] 114.1 Administrator's Update

On 15 Dec 2006, at 02:31, Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:

> Antonio Dolcetta <antonio.dolcetta@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Uhm, when I wrote it  I was assuming the same rule for assigning
>> Judges the first time would apply to reassignment too.
>> I suppose I have to issue an RFJ about that.
> Well, I figured that was the intent, but I'm not sure how it could
> work that way as written. The "all players that have voted in the last
> nweek" changes all the time, and referencing back to the original list
> of Eligible Judges seems odd since then you could pick the same judge
> again, or pick a judge who had quit or something.
> But even without all that, it just says "shall select a new Judge for
> that RFJ", in a completely different section and not referencing the
> prior eligible judge clause at all.

There's a section in the same rule that is titled "selecting the  
judge" how much more reference than that do you want ?
Ok, it doesn't explicitly say "every time a judge needs to be  
selected do this:"
or even "the eligible judges for selection AT ANY GIVEN TIME are..."
but then I've already admitted I am the worst nomic player ever, my  
rules are bound to be horribly broken.
Ok, I'll amend the new RFJ proposal to include these fixes too.

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