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[s-d] EugeneMeidinger amends p170

> > [[ I have a good idea for a story with this as a prequel to wonko's 
> > but I'd like to wait and see if I can do it the way I want and it'll 
> > fit in with the story.Rand out of time tonight. more to come 
> > tomorrow.]]
> >
> > Add to rule 7-1 the following:
> > {{
> > All talismans have a type. A type is a marker for rules to 
> > differentiate talismans.
> > }}
> > Give all talismans a type of charm.
> I think the wands should be of type wand.

That's absurd! ;)
> > Add the following rule to section 10:
> > {{
> > ==Stats==
> > Each player has the attributes of Health, Alertness and Calm. These 
> > attributes are called stats.
> > Each stat is an integer in a range of 0 to 10 and is set to ten 
> > initially. If a stat would exceed its limit, it is set to the extreme 
> > of that limit instead.
> >
> > If a player's Health reaches zero, the following happens:
> >
> >  *Eir soul becomes lost. It has the same location as the player.
> >  *All talismans belonging to that player of the type "weapon" or the 
> > type "potion" are destroyed.
> >  *Eir Health is set to ten.
> >
> > If a player's Alertness reaches zero, the following happens:
> >
> >  *That player now "asleep".
> Maybe, that player _becomes_ asleep?

You and your verbs. I needing them not!

> >  *While that player is "asleep" eir stats cannot be altered except by 
> > the rules.
> >  *While that player is "asleep" e cannot take any actin regulated by 
> > rule 10-1
> actin -> action
> >  *2 nweeks after being "Asleep" that player's alertness is set to 10 
> > and that player is no longer "asleep".
> I don't think this should be a bullet point here - it's not something 
> that happens when a player's Alertness reaches zero.


> > If a player's Calm reaches zero, the following happens:
> >
> >  *All talismans belonging to that player of the type "weapon" or the 
> > type "potion" are destroyed.[[A clear way to have them drop them would 
> > be better]]
> Move them to the player's location. I'm going to prop to allow 
> Talismans and the like to occupy rooms anyway, soon.

Would there be any problems if I had them take the location of that player but there was no rule allowing that?
> >  *That player's location is change to the room called "outside".
> > }}
> >
> > Create the following room
> > {{
> > __Outside__
> >
> > Description: The area outside the house. It's cold and raining. You 
> > are lost.
> > Ordinances:: None
> > Exits::None
> > }}
> > [[I know there are no exits. I'll let you guys figure out a way to 
> > deal with that.]]
> Can we call it "West of House"?

Sounds good. Should there be a broken painting on the ground?
Any suggestions on how to get back after you get the crap scared out of you?
> The stats business bears some similarities to something I was trying to 
> write up. I was thinking, however, that health should go up to thirty 
> instead of 10 to allow more dynamic changing. I was then thinking that 
> each player would have the stats Strength, Skill, and Acuity. Skill 
> represents general dexterity and competence, and is needed to pick 
> locks, swing across pits, outfence zombie hordes, and so forth. Acuity 
> represents how focused and aware you are, and determines your ability 
> to see past illusions and withstand psychological attacks. Strength 
> determines how you fight.
> To fight, one player simply declares that e attacks another in the same 
> room. Each rolls 3dX, where X is eir Strength; whoever has the lower 
> roll loses health equal to the difference in the rolls, and the fight 
> continues until both sides back out.
> The key point of fighting is that it would keep you from doing other 
> things - most talismans, as well as things like levers for secret 
> doors, etc., couldn't be used while you were fighting, and you couldn't 
> leave the room or attack other players. This would be true even if you 
> hadn't started the fight - thus, somebody could attack you to keep you 
> from bringing the Emerald Water Wing to the Underground Lake. Another 
> player, however, could then intervene by attacking your attacker, 
> keeping em off you long enough for you to break away.
> The goal was to encourage interesting teamwork: in order to get an 
> object to a given room, for example, you might have one person running 
> it through while two others ran with em attacking anyone who tried to 
> intervene; another pair would go after the switch to open the necessary 
> gate, one to pull the switch and one to keep the other team's guard 
> busy.
> This would be further complicated by the possibility of Stunning your 
> opponent: if you hit em for more than 6 points of damage in one hit, 
> you'd Stun em and e wouldn't be able to do anything during the next 
> period, giving you time to run away, pull the necessary lever, or 
> recharge your Amulet of Whoopass. When you Stunned a player, you might 
> also get a chance to grab something from their inventory; or maybe 
> you'd need a certain skill level for that or something.
> Then we could play games like capture the flag, king of the hill, and 
> tag in the House without adding much, since the interesting mechanics 
> of moving around and stopping others from moving would be already in 
> place.

> Anyway, I only bring that up to draw comments on it, and also in the 
> hopes that Eugene will make health go up to 30 instead of 10.


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