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Re: [s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] EugeneMeidinger amends p160

>> > Create the following talisman:
>> > {{
>> > __Soul Jar__
>> >
>> > Sacrifice: Gain an amount SP equal to the value of the soul bound to
>> > this
>> > talisman before it was bound.
>> > }}
>> Right now Soul Pennies aren't actually objects. It's just a way of
>> measuring how valuable a Soul is. Rule 7-4 says that
>> {{
>> If the price of a Talisman type lists X SP for any number X, this is
>> shorthand for "A Soul or group of Souls with combined value X SP or
>> greater".
>> }}
> Yes I noticed that, however I spotted that talismans still have sp in cost
> so is there a missing rule or do you have have to bind souls with a sum
> value equal or greater to the cost?

That's basically what the bit I quoted above says. If a Talisman has 200
SP as part of its cost, we assume that to mean that you need to use a Soul
or a group of Souls whose values sum to 200 or more.

>> > Replace paragraph 3 of rule 7-1 with the following:
>> > {{
>> > Players may not take possession of Lost Souls while they do not
>> > possess their
>> > own soul
>> > }}
>> > Make all souls possessed by a player be in the state of found.
>> I do think that if you successfully find your own Soul, and it's just
>> sitting there being Lost, you should be able to pick it back up. Maybe
>> if you lose it without dying it goes to the Gallery?
> Well I do think if you lose your soul there should be some difficulty in
> retrieving it if a priest won't help. What about wandering souls? Any
> other ideas?

I'm worried about the other direction: if more classes are made, Priests
may become rare, and suddenly it'll be very difficult to get your soul

Maybe we should allow players to give Souls to other players? So that if
no priest will help you, you can pay some other player to track your soul
down and bring it to you?

>> > Remove the last 8 words from the 3rd bullet of rule 7-5.
>> Oh, wow, I didn't even know that was in there. How long has that been
>> there?
> Ever since the beginning Apparently you ere suppose to hold a soul for a
> while and pwn it to make a profit or something like that.

Makes sense. I can see how it'd be a real pain for Death, though.

>> > Set the SP of all souls that are neither bound nor share a name with
>> > an active
>> > player to 100.
>> I dislike doing this. I think it's more interesting if some free Souls
>> are worth more than others. Recently Lost ones in particular I think
>> should retain the value they had when their players quit. I may also
>> propose to flat out set the values of some of the Lost Souls, based on
>> how long the corresponding players played and how much they did.
> That's fine but  many of the souls people have been holding have increased
> in value and noone has been tracking it so if you give me a list to set
> specific souls to let me know.

Oh, that's a good point. Ok, forget what I said and I'll try to come up
with fixed alternate prices in a prop later.


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