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Re: [s-d] EugeneMeidinger amends p170

>> <snip>
>> > If a player's Alertness reaches zero, the following happens:
>> >
>> >  *That player now "asleep".
>> Maybe, that player _becomes_ asleep?
> You and your verbs. I needing them not!

When nine hundred years old you reach, rearrange verbs you will, yes!

>> <snip>
>> >  *All talismans belonging to that player of the type "weapon" or the
>> > type "potion" are destroyed.[[A clear way to have them drop them would
>> > be better]]
>> Move them to the player's location. I'm going to prop to allow
>> Talismans and the like to occupy rooms anyway, soon.
> Would there be any problems if I had them take the location of that player
> but there was no rule allowing that?

I don't think so. Regardless, I intend to propose a rule allowing that
sometime this afternoon.

>> <snip>
>> > {{
>> > __Outside__
>> >
>> > Description: The area outside the house. It's cold and raining. You
>> > are lost.
>> > Ordinances:: None
>> > Exits::None
>> > }}
>> > [[I know there are no exits. I'll let you guys figure out a way to
>> > deal with that.]]
>> Can we call it "West of House"?
> Sounds good. Should there be a broken painting on the ground?
> Any suggestions on how to get back after you get the crap scared out of
> you?

Perhaps you have to meditate for a while to regain your mental composure.
Once you do, the solution to regaining entry becomes obvious to you and
appear in the Storage Room.

>> <massive snip>
>> Anyway, I only bring that up to draw comments on it, and also in the
>> hopes that Eugene will make health go up to 30 instead of 10.
> Sure.

Thanks. Combat and associated semi-permanent attributes will be proposed
in a day or two.


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