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[s-d] My prop I was making.

Since the is borked I'll  email my prop for you to look at.

"How did I get myself into this mess? Damn my meddling with the undead," said Eugene as he slammed  a clenched fist down on his desk. Suddenly, he began moving his fingers as though writing some indecipherable text on the air itself. The Lost Spirit of Dan appeared with a smirk on its face. "You called? Why ya lookin' so GRIM, boss?" asked the inchoate apparition. "Har Har. You know  I would kill you if you weren't dead," Eugene snarled in a low tone,"I've got a job for  you. We need to make use of reluctant souls. Go up to the mansion and get them to build me a seance room." As Dan disappeared, Eugene went back to pondering how to fix his situation.]]

Create the following room:
{{ __Seance room__

Description: A poorly lit room. In the center is a table with a maroon cloth draped over it and a crystal ball on top. There are two old wooden chairs by the table.

Ordinances: Once per nweek, you may bind a soul to a soulless Soul Jar you posses. 

Exits:The gallery

Add the Seance room to the list of exits for the gallery.

Create the following talisman:
__Soul Jar__

Price: 40 GC
Rarity: Rare

Appearance: A mystical glass jar. Someone put a peanut butter label on as a joke.   


If a soul has been bound to this talisman for at least 6 days you may then use the following effect:

Sacrifice: Gain an amount SP equal to the value of the soul bound to this talisman before it was bound.

[[First, he would have to make harder for those fools to reclaim their souls. Nothing could be done about those wretched priests however.]]

Replace paragraph 3 of rule 7-1 with the following:
Players may not take possession of Lost Souls while they do not possess their own soul
Make all souls possessed by a player be in the state of found.

[[Next, Eugene considered the delay in the creation of his doomful fluffy rabbit. It was integral to his most evil of plans. There had to be a way to speed up the process he thought to himself.]]

In rule 7-2 insert the following before the last sentence:
{{A talisman with a rarity of "Absurdly common" is forged at the end of the day the attempt is made if the player attempting to forge it can afford the cost.}}

[[This was still not enough. He knew others planned to speculate on the value of souls and only he should be allowed to do such a thing.]]
Remove the last 8 words from the 3rd bullet of rule 7-5.

Set the SP of all souls that are neither bound nor share a name with an active player to 100. 
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