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Re: [s-d] Test Bounce - Banking Statement

Actually unless the page is deleted a wiki retains past pages. However this does not apply to attachments so you'd have to paste it in. On a page take a look at diffs or info to see what I mean.
Also if possible if you could post the table on the wiki but have an email of our weekly sums that would be appreciated.

>    This needs a discuss bounce. I was elsewhere upon receipt.
>      Subject:        Do not be alarmed! This is a drill!
>      No weapons are to be unholstered during this excercise.
>      Since I'm vying for banker, I'm working on a spreadsheet to do the math
>      for me.
>      I performed the backup duty for banker last nWeek, but the table I posted
>      didn't translate across platforms.
>      The data in the test bounce in question is from 11 July, and reflects end
>      of nWeek 92 plus the other items from [s-b] listed in the annotations.
>      I'm trying a few things to improve readability, and making adjustments in
>      my Email settings to improve the formatting problems I've been having.
>      There have been a number of good suggestions made, but I think a change in
>      holdings is a matter of business, and a [s-b] posting provides a record
>      and a trail for accountability purposes. I'm new to the Wiki thing, and
>      don't know if previous iterations of a changed page are retained.
>      I'm going to post my tests to discuss to avoid bogging down the business
>      blog with gibberish.
>      Clearly you acted this nWeek by voting and making tiles plays (BTW welcome
>      back) and if I'm elected banker your changes in holdings will be duly
>      reflected IAW the rules.
>      You  may now return your stewardess to the fully upright and locked
>      position.
>      Triller
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