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RE: [spoon-discuss] Re: viving the Nomic Market idea

>Imagine if we were the ones poisoning candy and selling the Torpor
>Potions, though. I like this rule. It creates so many possibilities
>for mischief towards other nomics. We just need to be more clever than
>they are, and we most definitely are.

True, that.

We could have the Foreign Minister or something monitoring other nomics'
publicly-availible export lists, and a special type of poll to make an item
contraband before it has a chance to take effect.

>> > I was thinking it would be better to individually ban each item we
>> > want to have as contraband.
>> >
>> > Remember, also, that once something is an Export Good from another
>> > Nomic, we've got an nweek to do something about it.
>> >
>> > I don't object to your way of doing it, however. If this passes,
>> > we'll probably have a while to tweak it before it hurts us.
>> Your way, everyone has to constantly scan the export lists of all
>> recognised Market Nomics for potentially disruptive items.  Given the
>> sketchiness of your proposed descriptions, we'll also need to monitor
>> the rulesets to get any grasp of what they actually do.  This is a
>> large and unreasonable burden to place on the players, not to mention
>> the Admin.

Yeah, good point. Hm.

Maybe an import list isn't such a bad idea after all...

How about this: each item description has enough detail to be dropped into a
ruleset, and each nomic publishes an announcement of every new export of
theirs on the nomic market list. Then each other nomic gets a single nweek
(or whatever their voting period is) to stop it. Similarly, changes to the
definition don't take effect if blocked. The import list is simply a
self-amending chunk of the ruleset; we can change it by proposal if we wish.

>> This prop would more or less merge the rulesets of all participating
>> Nomics, creating a morass of contradictory effects.  (For example, what
>> if we export the GIPEC and then pass a Declaration Of Extreme
>> Cleverness?  Both rulesets agree there is only one prize, but according

Their ruleset doesn't necessarily mention it. And our rule is probably best
interpreted as "there is only one in B Nomic", so if anyone acquires one
this destroys any others.

>> to our rules it belongs to a B Nomic player, while in the other Nomic
>> it belongs to someone else, who is allowed to transfer it to one of
>> us.)  Worse, it allows destructive rules to escape from their natural
>> habitat and infect other Nomics, potentially wiping out all of them.

A better analogy: Certain microorganisms, since they reproduce by mitosis,
cannot use their reproductive systems to ensure genetic diversity.
Consequently, two of the bacteria can hook up, swap a few genes around, and

>> We would also be vulnerable to pranks or worse from other games.
>> Suppose I buy a Potion Of Belching from Y Nomic and then, during our
>> voting period, Y Nomic changes its Export List to say that a Potion Of
>> Belching prevents any changes to the ruleset from occuring, and cannot
>> be destroyed or transferred.  In the very unlikely event that one of us
>> notices this obscure alteration immediately, we still can't do anything
>> about it before it takes effect.

We can petition the Admin to block it.

>> Another possibility is for Z Nomic to export a candy as a palatable
>> confection, but for a brief period (perhaps only seconds) change its
>> definition to a deadly poison that causes anyone possessing it to lose
>> the game.  You take one from a stranger and then, one nweek after the
>> change of recipe on the Z Nomic export list, you drop dead.  And when

No you don't, because before then you give it to a Z Nomic player via the
Market. In their game, the change has already occurred.

>> someone claims Z Nomic changed the description, how do we know whether
>> e's telling the truth?

You look at their publicly-availible export list.

 - Teucer


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