Bill Adlam on Mon, 19 Apr 2004 17:28:00 -0500 (CDT)

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[spoon-discuss] Re: viving the Nomic Market idea

Teucer wrote:

> Nope. It's the effects that they create in another game.
> For instance, the late ThermodyNomic had "Hot Potatoes", game objects
> which
> each carried a description with them that caused them to activate on
> various
> triggers. One that was proposed, for instance, was the Potato of
> Taxation.
> Every three days, the posessor lost a Coin (large-denomination Thermo
> currency) to the Bank, if e had any. If Thermo's ruleset had not
> systematically erased itself and destroyed the game world, and it
> were a
> Market Nomic, a Thermo player could give the Potato of Taxation to a
> B Nomic
> player. If that player had gained any of Thermo's Coins through the
> Market,
> e would lose one every three days until e ditched the PoT.

In that case, we also need a list of permitted Import Goods.  We need
some means short of all-out blockade for excluding contraband that
would be disruptive, too difficult to administer, or whatever horribly
powerful game-breaking object it is you're planning to smuggle in if
this passes.

The list would also translate the generalised language of the other
Nomic's export list into unambiguous B Nomic effects, possibly adjusted
for local conditions.  For example, the PoT should only act every 3
ndays or, more conveniently, at the end of every checking period.

How do you propose to synchronise transfers between Nomics?  What if
you announce in a public forum that you are paying a hundred points to
Doyle The Barbarian of X Nomic in exchange for eir Elven Chain Letter,
but Doyle does nothing?  Or E does acknowlege it much later, when it
suits em?  We don't know if e even possesses an Elven Chain Letter.

The Pink Scarf should not be exportable - both because it has to exist
in this game and because it is not transferrable.  r258 should be
reformed, though, as I shall shortly propose.

I think it's worth adding to the eclair description that being smeared
with one generally defaces the smearee, and in particular can make a
player less charming, or register an extra vote against a proposal, or
(since they are also exportable) can erase a card.

And there is at least one loophole to be closed: when B Nomic is
partying, anyone can buy four free Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters and
give them to a player e controls in another market Nomic.  Then, at the
end of the party, e can trade them back and drink them one by one over
the next 6 nweeks.  Thereby winning at great cost to eir brain and
liver.  I suggest we prohibit alcoholic exports while partying (whoever
heard of anyone taking alcohol away from a party?).  It's also possible
to export points to avoid the post-win reset.


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