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RE: [spoon-discuss] Re: viving the Nomic Market idea

>> Nope. It's the effects that they create in another game.
>> For instance, the late ThermodyNomic had "Hot Potatoes", game objects
>> which
>> each carried a description with them that caused them to activate on
>> various
>> triggers. One that was proposed, for instance, was the Potato of
>> Taxation.
>> Every three days, the posessor lost a Coin (large-denomination Thermo
>> currency) to the Bank, if e had any. If Thermo's ruleset had not
>> systematically erased itself and destroyed the game world, and it
>> were a
>> Market Nomic, a Thermo player could give the Potato of Taxation to a
>> B Nomic
>> player. If that player had gained any of Thermo's Coins through the
>> Market,
>> e would lose one every three days until e ditched the PoT.

>In that case, we also need a list of permitted Import Goods.  We need
>some means short of all-out blockade for excluding contraband that
>would be disruptive, too difficult to administer, or whatever horribly
>powerful game-breaking object it is you're planning to smuggle in if
>this passes.

I was thinking it would be better to individually ban each item we want to
have as contraband.

Remember, also, that once something is an Export Good from another Nomic,
we've got an nweek to do something about it.

I don't object to your way of doing it, however. If this passes, we'll
probably have a while to tweak it before it hurts us.

>The list would also translate the generalised language of the other
>Nomic's export list into unambiguous B Nomic effects, possibly adjusted
>for local conditions.  For example, the PoT should only act every 3
>ndays or, more conveniently, at the end of every checking period.

>How do you propose to synchronise transfers between Nomics?  What if
>you announce in a public forum that you are paying a hundred points to
>Doyle The Barbarian of X Nomic in exchange for eir Elven Chain Letter,
>but Doyle does nothing?  Or E does acknowlege it much later, when it
>suits em?  We don't know if e even possesses an Elven Chain Letter.

Part of the reason the original Nomic Market failed was that it tried to
centralize things, for instance by establishing inter-nomic contracts. Since
decentralization is clearly the way to go, I'd say you and Doyle just have
to be honorable people and remember that your reputations are at stake if
you don't go through with the exchange.

>The Pink Scarf should not be exportable - both because it has to exist
>in this game and because it is not transferrable.  r258 should be
>reformed, though, as I shall shortly propose.

You can only export things you can ordinarily transfer, so there's no danger
of it being transferred outside of the means specified in the rules.
However, if the Style Police sees a great prop in another Nomic, why not
give its proposer the Scarf?

>I think it's worth adding to the eclair description that being smeared
>with one generally defaces the smearee, and in particular can make a
>player less charming, or register an extra vote against a proposal, or
>(since they are also exportable) can erase a card.

That's a good point. Maybe an amendment to the card description is in order,
indicating that eclairs can erase them.

>And there is at least one loophole to be closed: when B Nomic is
>partying, anyone can buy four free Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters and
>give them to a player e controls in another market Nomic.  Then, at the
>end of the party, e can trade them back and drink them one by one over
>the next 6 nweeks.  Thereby winning at great cost to eir brain and
>liver.  I suggest we prohibit alcoholic exports while partying (whoever
>heard of anyone taking alcohol away from a party?).  It's also possible
>to export points to avoid the post-win reset.

Huh. I thought a PGGB was the one thing you couldn't buy in a party?

 - Teucer


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