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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Reviving the Nomic Market idea

>> ...Each item on a List of Export Goods must include a blurb
>> describing its effects on the game...

>'The game' means B Nomic only, right?  The effects might not be
>possible in other games.

Nope. It's the effects that they create in another game.

For instance, the late ThermodyNomic had "Hot Potatoes", game objects which
each carried a description with them that caused them to activate on various
triggers. One that was proposed, for instance, was the Potato of Taxation.
Every three days, the posessor lost a Coin (large-denomination Thermo
currency) to the Bank, if e had any. If Thermo's ruleset had not
systematically erased itself and destroyed the game world, and it were a
Market Nomic, a Thermo player could give the Potato of Taxation to a B Nomic
player. If that player had gained any of Thermo's Coins through the Market,
e would lose one every three days until e ditched the PoT.

>Also you should have added that the possessor of the GIPEC is subject
>to lynching by respectable physicists.

I considered that to be a property of the Mob, not of the GIPEC. Since
nobody owns the Mob, it doesn't get a mention in the list. Of course, the B
Nomic rules still cause it - as long as it is in the posession of a B Nomic

The original Nomic Market, by the way, failed because of a poor attempt to
centralize everything, so this is it in a decentralized form.

 - Teucer


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