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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 46 BALLOT

On 7/30/03 at 9:59 PM bd wrote:

>On Wednesday 30 July 2003 09:53 pm, SkArcher wrote:
>> >On Wednesday 30 July 2003 09:16 pm, Daniel Lepage wrote:
>> >[snip]
>> >
>> >> Personally, I feel that r1592 is a Bad Idea in general. There are many
>> >> situations when we might want a subgame to take up multiple rules; and
>> >> there's no reason why we can't put subgames into single rules anyway.
>> >> This is just an irritating restriction that does nothing until it
>> >> starts pissing us off.
>> >>
>> >> I was thinking about setting up a general structure for stones-laying
>> >> games - define a grid, a stone, etc., and things like Go and Othello
>> >> could use it to shorten their own definitions; but it falls apart
>> >> because of 1592, unless Go, Othello, and Ataxx are all in the same
>> >> (which is ugly and stupid).
>> >
>> >I agree, and propose:
>> >{{
>> >__More is less__
>> >
>> >Repeal rule 1592.
>> >}}
>> r1592 is intended to stop the horrible sprawl of rules across the entire
>> database that happened with the grid. If it happens with multiple
>> the rules base will become a huge mess of rubbish that is almost
>> to wade thru
>> If you don't like it in its current form, modify it, don't just repeal it
>> and leave us open to the problem
>[[How about requiring a keyword for all rules devoted soley to one
>I replace my as-yet-unrecognized prop __More is less__ with:
>__More is less__
>Replace rule 1592 with:
>All rules devoted soley to one subgame (that is, where only that subgame
>be directly affected by its repeal) must have as a keyword the name of the

Needs to go on spoon-business.  While you're moving it there, you may want to replace "soley" with "solely".

Also, you (or whoever replaces the rule) might want to say precisely what a subgame is, so that Go doesn't potentially become a chocolate eclair.


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