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RE: [spoon-discuss] Where do we go from here?

>>everyone gets a certain number of mana points (or some like term) in each
>of the five variants of the
>The use of the term mana gives me an idea... What if we have two types of
>people who posess mana? The Nobility, or some such, have a large quantity of
>mana that slowly replenishes. They can't use it, but they can give it away.
>The Wizards, or some such, are the ones who can use mana, but they have to
>be given some by the Nobility as they don't have any at first. Thus, if you
>want to accomplish some magical effect, you have to have one of each type
>working in concert since a Nobleman/woman/drone (Gosh, I can see it now.
>"I'd like to join, my name is Foo, and I'm a Nobledrone.") is only likely to
>give their mana to someone who's going to help them with it.
-You imply a level of cooperation we don't have... and this makes things more complex than they have to be.-

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