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[spoon-discuss] Fwd: Re: Observers

welcome observers!

if there is anything you would like passed on to the public forum for the
time being, feel free to email me at deltanine@xxxxxxxxx and I'll be happy
to do that for you.

As you'll come to find out, we're a friendly place, aside from one troll who
shall remain nameless.  He is being ignored, but please feel free to read
his posts to get an idea of what we've been putting up with for the last

but we won't have to ignore him much longer.


-B Nomic, meet "deltanine," a.k.a. "sam nichols," a.k.a. "quarksbar9." Deltanine is quick to anger, quick to friendliness. Her attention span is pretty short, as is her temper. As you can no doubt guess, the "troll" (what is that, anyway?) is yours truly. If you'd like anything passed on, you who are observers, send it through me. I won't edit it or comment on it, and I'm not the one who tried to bring B Nomic down.

Oh, and they're not a friendly place. I actually checked the dictionary on this one - they are very big on that, over in Nomicron - and they fit perfectly the definition of a fascist state, or at least as perfectly as a game can match a nation. Just a little unbiased tidbit.-


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