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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: Re: Observers

thanks for the intro, BvS!

But the folks here at B Nomic are bright, I think they
already had this figured out.

I do appreciate you moving your flames over to the B
Nomic board though.

And no, I wasn't trying to bring down B Nomic...  is
it not evident that i was trying to protect a game
that i love?  You did target Nomicron in that thread. 
You've insulted our game play since day one because
you feel it's too slow...  and you feel that we're too
conservative...  or that we're all idiots.  If you
don't like the way the majority of Nomicron likes to
play nomic, why don't you just resign?  it would save
us from having to perform this impeachment process. 
why do you want to create more bad blood?

the veiled threats and name calling are getting
tiresome.  Now you are trying to inflame B nomic
against Nomicron again?

i did put the thread on thermo because they were
getting involved in this whole market idea with you. 
If the idea is not to subjegate any other nomics, then
i think it's a fascinating idea.  An idea that may
have gained traction in Nomicron(especially from me),
if the sponsor didn't turn our public forum into a
flame war.

Craig, bd...  if you'd prefer to have BvS relay your
messages to our forum, please do so.  He has less than
two weeks to be there, so afterwards, I'd be happy to
take his place in that capacity.  Anyway, there aren't
too many over there that are bothering to read his
posts anymore.

good luck to all of you.  and to you too, BvS.


--- Baron von Skippy <baronvonskippy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> >welcome observers!
> >
> >if there is anything you would like passed on to
> the public forum for the
> >time being, feel free to email me at
> deltanine@xxxxxxxxx and I'll be happy
> >to do that for you.
> >
> >As you'll come to find out, we're a friendly place,
> aside from one troll 
> >who
> >shall remain nameless.  He is being ignored, but
> please feel free to read
> >his posts to get an idea of what we've been putting
> up with for the last
> >month.
> >
> >but we won't have to ignore him much longer.
> >
> >deltanine
> >
> -B Nomic, meet "deltanine," a.k.a. "sam nichols,"
> a.k.a. "quarksbar9." 
> Deltanine is quick to anger, quick to friendliness.
> Her attention span is 
> pretty short, as is her temper. As you can no doubt
> guess, the "troll" (what 
> is that, anyway?) is yours truly. If you'd like
> anything passed on, you who 
> are observers, send it through me. I won't edit it
> or comment on it, and I'm 
> not the one who tried to bring B Nomic down.
> Oh, and they're not a friendly place. I actually
> checked the dictionary on 
> this one - they are very big on that, over in
> Nomicron - and they fit 
> perfectly the definition of a fascist state, or at
> least as perfectly as a 
> game can match a nation. Just a little unbiased
> tidbit.-
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