Craig on 30 Apr 2003 20:29:02 -0000

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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: Re: Observers

>Oh, and they're not a friendly place. I actually checked the dictionary on
>this one - they are very big on that, over in Nomicron - and they fit
>perfectly the definition of a fascist state, or at least as perfectly as a
>game can match a nation. Just a little unbiased tidbit.-

Speaking as one of the observers, I must say I found the tone of the "you're
all fascists" message rather trollish. I understand that they've pissed you
off, and I understand that you've pissed them off. I am forced to wonder
what exactly you (and that's the plural you, referring to BvS AND Nomicron,
or whoever in there it applies to) did to get that started.

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