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Re: [Spoon-business] Re: [spoon-discuss] Be careful what you wish for

Just got this on the thermo list. Perhaps we should speculate less freely? The goal isn't to subjugate other nomics. At least, not as far as I know.

I just sent a message to Thermo on the topic. Hopefully the destructive tendencies of two players won't spoil things for the rest of us.

-Orc? Do. Not. Place. Blame. The "destructive tendencies of two players" I assume to mean bd and I talking about... "mutually beneficial agreements." It's called a joke, Orc. You didn't complain at the time. If Thermo is going to be scared off by that, they're a skittish bunch. On that note, though, I suggest everyone make sure they're still subscribed to bnomic-private. Perhaps some messages should go through a controlled forum. I don't imagine we'll complain if Thermo creates a secret group list. Games have to have their secrets, especially if they don't trust each other.-


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