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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Grounded

On 4/25/03 at 1:39 AM Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:

>>Don't you get it yet?  IT IS EQUAL!  Anyone can do what I did with M-Tek.
>You mean find some long-gone player to suck votes out of?  Yeah, sure, we
>can all do that.  That isn't equal.  We don't have equal access to

Well, yes, as a matter of fact you do.  Go look at the roster and see who's about to be garbage-collected, then email them and offer to keep them in the game while they work out whatever lifestyle issue has kept them from being active, if they join your society.  That's all it takes.  In point of fact, I emailed Athena on that very topic, but didn't get back a response.  Hell, if you'd asked Iain, he might have joined your society too.

Besides, Iain wasn't long-gone when he signed up with M-Tek.  Had he been long-gone, he'd've been garbage-collected.

And besides that, due to the carping on the subject I have ousted Iain from M-Tek.  If someone else signs up with M-Tek rather than suffer immediate garbage collection, I suppose people will have to carp all over again.

M-Tek can submit proposals, not because it's a special case, but because the rules say it can.  The rules don't say M-Tek alone can submit proposals, so any society can submit proposals.  The rules used to say that one can make one of the explicit conditions of membership to be a guarantee that members will vote in favor of the society's proposals.  Again, this was not unique to M-Tek.

Anyone can make a society that does what M-Tek does.  Anyone can make a society that submits proposals, and pools its members' votes.  Or, at least, anyone can if your latest gutting of the society rule gets fixed.  I honestly don't know why, in the several months M-Tek has been around, you or someone else didn't make a society run like M-Tek, rather than complaining about how M-Tek is "unfair".


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