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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Grounded

From: "Glotmorf" <glotmorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 4/25/03 at 1:39 AM Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:
Don't you get it yet?  IT IS EQUAL!  Anyone can do what I did with M-Tek.

You mean find some long-gone player to suck votes out of? Yeah, sure, we can all do that. That isn't equal. We don't have equal access to long-gone players.

Well, yes, as a matter of fact you do. Go look at the roster and see who's about to be garbage-collected, then email them and offer to keep them in the game while they work out whatever lifestyle issue has kept them from being active, if they join your society.

If they wish to remain in the game, they have the option of Lurking, now. I would say more, but Dave's said it a lot better than I could.

Besides, Iain wasn't long-gone when he signed up with M-Tek. Had he been long-gone, he'd've been garbage-collected.

When he signed up with M-Tek. But this went on for quite some time, into the time when he was long-gone.

And besides that, due to the carping on the subject I have ousted Iain from M-Tek. If someone else signs up with M-Tek rather than suffer immediate garbage collection, I suppose people will have to carp all over again.

Actually, that won't happen, now. With the prop I made passing, there is one valid option to not participate yet remain a player: Lurking. It will work, and doesn't need anything fancy. Anything you do as a result of society membership (or automation scripts, really) won't make you immune.

M-Tek can submit proposals, not because it's a special case, but because the rules say it can.

Yes. And I fully support this ability, and have never, ever tried to take it away.

The rules used to say that one can make one of the explicit conditions of membership to be a guarantee that members will vote in favor of the society's proposals.

Yes. And while I personally don't really support this, I have never, ever tried to take it away. And when props I made have taken this ability away, I either revised the prop as soon as you pointed it out, or made a seperate prop (Automation Scripts) to address the issue.

Anyone can make a society that does what M-Tek does.

Yes, it can.  And I have never, ever tried to take that away.

Anyone can make a society that submits proposals, and pools its members' votes. Or, at least, anyone can if your latest gutting of the society rule gets fixed.

Any society still can, and it wasn't a gutting. The actual effects of the proposal still left that ability intact. I thought I had pointed this out. Just require your members to set automation scripts, or face consequences like no payouts from M-Tek, or even ousting them.

I honestly don't know why, in the several months M-Tek has been around, you or someone else didn't make a society run like M-Tek, rather than complaining about how M-Tek is "unfair".

I do not think that M-Tek is unfair because if it has its members vote automatically. I do not think M-Tek is unfair if it can make proposals. I've just been wanting to tweak the mechanics of how it works. Just because I want to, say, give us all hydrogen-burning cars to replace gas-guzzlers doesn't mean I don't want you to be able to drive to work.

I really think that a lot of the ire related to this is a big understanding. I never knew quite what you thought of my intentions and actions; now that I do, I hope that I have cleared things up. Yes, my props have needed lots of revisions, and even needed seperate props to maintain society functionality, but I've never tried to take away from M-Tek propmaking and requiring things of their members. Just changing the mechanics of it a lot.

I hope that this is just a misunderstanding, and that this clears it up. Let our animosity come to an end.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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