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Re: [spoon-discuss] Nomic Market will begin whenever

From: "Craig" <ragnarok@xxxxxxxxx>
I have created a mailing list for a new Nomic Market. Both B Nomic and
ThermodyNomic are encouraged to petition for membership.

I have the proposal for B written out in my mind, but won't submit it just yet.

Anyway, for now the Market will use the mailing list
nomicmarket@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and its web archives will be at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nomicmarket/ , if anyone with the capability to host mailing lists wishes to get it off of yahoogroups, I'm cool with that; just let me know.

I believe Joel can help with that.

The rules for the Nomic Market will be as follows:

Any player of any Nomic on the List may declare emself to be at the Market, subject to the rules of eir home Nomic.

"Home Nomic" isn't well-defined, and won't work well when players play in multiple Nomics; I would suggest that as a part of the declaration, a player must choose a Nomic on the List that e is is player of to be eir home Nomic.

Such a declaration must be made on the Nomic Market mailing list and on the list of the home Nomic; archives of both must be publicly availible. While at the Market, all players may give their in-game posessions to one another;

I would suggest that it also have "... if the rules of the giving player's home Nomic and the receiving player's home Nomic both permit that giving."

such things are destroyed in one game and created in another.

Destroyed in which game and created in which game? May I suggest, "the object that is given is destroyed in the giving player's home Nomic, and an identical object is created in the receiving player's Nomic in the possession of the receiving player."

Any player who is at the Market continuously for one week without trading any goods is considered to leave the Market.

Seems a bit short to me when you consider the fact that it's the players who are at the market that get to determine the rules. Though if the modification I suggest below is put in, this won't be a problem.

While at the Market, all players are bound by the rules of the Market and of their home Nomics; anything not prohibited by either of these is permitted.

Since this is a Nomic-related activity, it is only natural that the rules be amendable; therefore this document may be amended if and only if a proposed change has the support of two thirds of all who are currently at the Market.

If two-thirds of the players who are At The Market are the sort to snatch at any opportunity for power (which just about all the B Nomic players are), they'll form a little coalition and make themselves into a little cartel, making the rules advantageous to them and very disadvantageous for anyone else wanting to be At The Market. Therefore, I would suggest requiring that every Nomic on the List declare that they approve of a change. Sure, it'll be time-consuming, but the Market shouldn't need many rules if the individual Nomics take care of managing what their players can trade.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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