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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

We seem to be doing a bit of both - the grid was player-scaled up until
Armies arrived; now it's actually kind of absurd - a space small enough
to be filled by a single player so that no other player can enter is
somehow large enough to hold an entire Army?

Maybe they're armies of elves.

Some of them actually are. But then again, some players, myself included, are also Elves, and I'm not particularly smaller than, say, an Ogre... Well, 90 vs 300, I guess, but still, my 90... uh... cubic units are enough to keep other players out. Yet somehow I can get an army of many of Elves in a space that could only hold me if I were there. For that matter, I can get an army of Ogres in said space. That doesn't seem right, somehow.

-"So fix it" is answer one. Answer two is that, in my mind, an army of faeries has always been a couple thousand (they're really small), elves number about two, three hundred, ogres number about twenty, and the Borg are one. Well, one mind. Hundreds of bodies.-


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