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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Athena's Society

From: Daniel Lepage <dplepage@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
I DON'T CFI this, but I would like to open it to discussion:
Statement: The sentence "Names given to game entities or types of game entities must be unique." in Rule 2 means that no entity may change eir name to a name ever used by another entity, regardless of whether or not the other entity still exists.

Defendant: Glotmorf

Analysis by Plaintiff:
Regardless of whether or not an object exists any more, if it once existed with an official name, then that name identifies that object. To create another object with the same name would be to cause that name to no longer uniquely identify an object; such a name would thus no longer be unique, violating Rule 2. As it is impossible to perform any action that violates the rules, it is thus impossible for any entity to change its name to the name of any other object, extant or otherwise.

Anyone have any thoughts?

I think "unique" is too darn ambigous. Either we gotta be conservative, and say that names in the game must be unique among names in the game, or we gotta expand it to be more broad. And if we make it more broad, we gotta go all the way, and say the names in the game must be unique among everything. Everything. Which would mean that the names of quite a few players would be invalid. Which would result in an undefined state, including such things as players ceasing to be players, or perhaps names being set to some random, unique value.

Although the interpertation would tend towards "unique among everything" when read literally, I think that both the actual intent is "unique among names currently in the game", and any interpertation other than that would likely result in an SOE.

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