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Re: [spoon-discuss] Nomic relations

I said before that the proposed rule was too general, too vague, and tried to do too much with those general, vague terms. Wonko, I think, has the same objections, but finds specific problems.

I think the solution is to not try to build this giant structure with Subers and object limitations and such; instead, we should do each interaction with another nomic as a custom job. Maybe trade a few items with one. Maybe have interactions in another, not trading, but cause-effect things, like whenever Whoopass explodes here, it does something to another nomic. Other stuff. But each time it should be done with each nomic as a completly custom job.

My 2¢.

Orc in a Spacesuit

-I'm almost willing to agree, so keep talking. Just answer me one thing. What happens when they steal our rules and make our stuff for next to nothing, to spite us? Answer me that and I'll go over to your way of thinking. Say "we crush them with great justice," and I'll pretend I never suggested the idea in the first place.-


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