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Re: [spoon-discuss] Nomic relations

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On Thursday 10 April 2003 10:28 pm, Baron von Skippy wrote:
> >I said before that the proposed rule was too general, too vague, and tried
> >to do too much with those general, vague terms.  Wonko, I think, has the
> >same objections, but finds specific problems.
> >
> >I think the solution is to not try to build this giant structure with
> >Subers and object limitations and such; instead, we should do each
> >interaction with another nomic as a custom job.  Maybe trade a few items
> >with one.  Maybe have interactions in another, not trading, but
> >cause-effect things, like whenever Whoopass explodes here, it does
> >something to another nomic.  Other stuff.  But each time it should be done
> >with each nomic as a completly custom job.
> >
> >My 2¢.
> >
> >Orc in a Spacesuit
> -I'm almost willing to agree, so keep talking. Just answer me one thing.
> What happens when they steal our rules and make our stuff for next to
> nothing, to spite us? Answer me that and I'll go over to your way of
> thinking. Say "we crush them with great justice," and I'll pretend I never
> suggested the idea in the first place.-

We can't do anything. Any other nomic can choose to exclude us from their 
universe entirely.
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You get what you pay for.
		-- Gabriel Biel
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