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Re: [spoon-discuss] Step one on the road to InterNomic II

On Tuesday, April 8, 2003, at 11:13  PM, Baron von Skippy wrote:

Because it takes no effort for them to stop us?

You seem to think that we can force other Nomics to do what we want; you seem even to think that we can invade them at any time if we choose. But we can't. They don't need us nor our rules; if we bother them, they can choose to ignore us. And there's nothing we can do about it. For us to declare war on a nomic would be like a Magic player casting a Lightning Bolt at a player in a nearby game of chess - the chess player doesn't care about the bolt, she just ignores it, and the Bolter can't do a thing about it. Likewise, if we declare that our invading armies trample another Nomic's rules and beat them into the ground, they can simply ignore us, as we are not a part of their gamestate unless they allow us to be.

If internomic trading is to occur, it must be something beneficial to all Nomics involved; if they don't like it, they don't have to play.

-The Nomic Wiki has the records of two inter-nomic wars already. Neither needed Ambassadors. Agora simply trampled two Nomics which pissed it off. I mean, really. A war like you describe is like two children shooting imaginary guns at each other. "Bang!" "You missed!" I'm talking about an all-out grapple to the death.-

The first of these 'wars' happened because Rishonomic allowed references to Agora in its rules; we could not take similar action against another Nomic

ErgoNomic (I think - hard to tell)

Definitely active. And high-tech. They're the ones with a sourceforge site for their Nomic engine.
-Their website doesn't make looking around easy unless you want to join.-

Although they're active, one of their players tells me that their ruleset is somewhat strange, and may not be compatible with objects we define.

I logged in as a guest and couldn't find any concrete ruleset anywhere; I know they started with a pure-nomic, or some basic variant thereof; but I'm not sure it's really a Nomic anymore.

They are interested in some sort of more standardized game, such as, say, a massive game of Risk or Diplomacy, with Nomics being the various 'nations' of the world.

Nomicron (active but slow... they welcome new players, though - 8 new ones in March)
Pustic (might be active, but the web site is down at the moment)

NomiPo and Pustic both look like they never really got started... I think we can dismiss them.
-Who's NomiPo?-

Looks like a relative of Pustic that never got around to starting.

So, that's between 5 and 10 other Nomics on Nomic Wiki alone. I'm sure there are more out there, we just have to find them.-

FRC is open... though I'm not sure what we could possibly offer them that would fit in with eir ruleset...
-I don't know what we can offer anyone. But someone might really, really want Big Rocks. Don't ask them why, just sell them the stones.-

The problem with something like the FRC is that objects in general serve no purpose, as they tend to have brief rounds, after which the rules get completely rewritten.


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