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Re: [spoon-discuss] Step one on the road to InterNomic II

Because it takes no effort for them to stop us?

You seem to think that we can force other Nomics to do what we want; you seem even to think that we can invade them at any time if we choose. But we can't. They don't need us nor our rules; if we bother them, they can choose to ignore us. And there's nothing we can do about it. For us to declare war on a nomic would be like a Magic player casting a Lightning Bolt at a player in a nearby game of chess - the chess player doesn't care about the bolt, she just ignores it, and the Bolter can't do a thing about it. Likewise, if we declare that our invading armies trample another Nomic's rules and beat them into the ground, they can simply ignore us, as we are not a part of their gamestate unless they allow us to be.

If internomic trading is to occur, it must be something beneficial to all Nomics involved; if they don't like it, they don't have to play.

-The Nomic Wiki has the records of two inter-nomic wars already. Neither needed Ambassadors. Agora simply trampled two Nomics which pissed it off. I mean, really. A war like you describe is like two children shooting imaginary guns at each other. "Bang!" "You missed!" I'm talking about an all-out grapple to the death.-

Hm... The only other active nomic I know about is Agora, and I'm not even sure
where that is... Most of the ones on the Wiki, last time I looked, had
out-of-date entries.

-Then look under "active games" at the Wiki. Let's see...
Agora Nomic
Blog Nomic (open only to bloggers)

Still possible... someone just needs a blog.
-Hence my mentioning it. Glotmorf, you keep one, yes?-

Civ3 Democracy Game (active but strange)

It's hard to tell whether this actually is a Nomic...

ErgoNomic (I think - hard to tell)

Definitely active. And high-tech. They're the ones with a sourceforge site for their Nomic engine.
-Their website doesn't make looking around easy unless you want to join.-

Live Journal Nomic (closed at the moment)

But they're active.
-Active but closed. Unless they send an Ambassador, we can't deal with them.-

No-Name Nomic (status unknown - I don't speak German)

Could be active, but I fear the language barrier will prevent trading.
-If we don't have anyone appropriately bilingual, maybe they do.-

Nomicron (active but slow... they welcome new players, though - 8 new ones in March)
Pustic (might be active, but the web site is down at the moment)

NomiPo and Pustic both look like they never really got started... I think we can dismiss them.
-Who's NomiPo?-

Ruby-Nomic (apparently, one of its players logged on 3 hours ago)
YibMOO *N:Tangle (might be alive, but I don't have telnet or a MOO client, so I can't tell)

Telnetting to it, I see a few players who are active... but I can't seem to find anything resembling a ruleset. It seems to be more of a programming funhouse...
-Probably not very compatible, then.-

So, that's between 5 and 10 other Nomics on Nomic Wiki alone. I'm sure there are more out there, we just have to find them.-

FRC is open... though I'm not sure what we could possibly offer them that would fit in with eir ruleset...
-I don't know what we can offer anyone. But someone might really, really want Big Rocks. Don't ask them why, just sell them the stones.-



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