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Re: [spoon-discuss] Step one on the road to InterNomic II

On 4/8/03 at 9:38 PM Baron von Skippy wrote:

>>Wow, Nomtella. :P What about the United Nomics? Kind of like InterNomic,
>>the members can do things behind its back, like invading other Nomics for
>>suspected weapons treaty violations? ;)
>-You've managed to hit it right on the head. What I'm looking for is /not/
>centralized InterNomic, but a more flexible web, which better mirrors the
>real world. The idea of a global police organization which sets the ideas
>for the world is far newer and less successful than the idea of no two
>of international relations being alike, with trade, subterfuge, sneak
>attacks, secret deals and alliances, and so on, all existing according
>to the rules of those who are participating in them. And that invasion
>- that might happen. If another Nomic steals our stuff, we could organize
>coalition to take them down. Why not?-

We could do that now.  I know at least one Nomic out there whose member count is lower than ours.  We could pull a LaRouche, all join at once, and vote in whatever we please...


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