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Re: [spoon-discuss] Step one on the road to InterNomic II

On 4/8/03 at 9:18 PM Baron von Skippy wrote:

>-Okay, then one B Nomic point is worth 10^10^10^10... Subers. There needs
>be a rule for it, or inflation will get out of hand. Points are nearly
>universal. Maybe something could be added to the formula - like, say, the
>maximum points per turn. For example, in Nomicron, you can get up to 20
>points per turn (up to 10 for a prop plus up to 10 creativity bonus),
>whereas here... 5 Prose props in Haiku form is a maximum of 18 + 15 + 10
>proposal, that's 215 points in one turn... it's not likely, but it's been
>done. Although that's also inaccurate - no one ever does that. What about
>formula which took into account the mean points for a passed proposal
>(ignoring frills like literary bonuses) and the number of days in a
>round/turn/nweek/etc.? So we figure how many they need, how many they get,
>and how fast.-

You forgot prose props in song form, which are worth more than haiku, and more likely to occur.

"Well, buy, buy those grid squares in the sky
If you're willing, pay some shillings and then you too can fly
Just ten thousand BNS will get you real high
But don't fall off because you might die..."


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