David E. Smith on 2 Apr 2003 04:04:01 -0000

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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] insta-rule locations

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Glotmorf wrote:

> I'll add numbers to the insta-ministry page in the next few days to make
> for easier reference; in the meantime, I suggest the grid minister use
> footnotes.

What Grid minister would that be? :-)

> Dave...a reiteration of an earlier request: Can there be a table in your
> database that contains nothing but the nweek?  Something updated by your
> script when you do the end-of-nweek thang?

Unfortunately, there is no such script. Wish there were. :-)

As it is, all nweek stuff is handled by a relatively small (and very
occasionally buggy) bit of PHP code. Having to update a database table
every nweek would be just a little bit more work for me...

Can you hack around it by doing, say, an HTTP request? Putting up a page
that has only the current nweek (or nday or whatever) would be trivial.
It'd be basically:

echo get_nweek();

Or I can send you the nweek code if you like, but it has at least one
known bug that I can't be arsed to fix, and every time the Clock goes Off
for more than a day (i.e. voting ends while I'm out of town, there's an
Apocalypse, etc.) it has to be updated by hand. Converting the code to
Perl or whatever should be trivial enough, though...

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