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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] insta-rule locations

On 4/1/03 at 10:02 PM David E. Smith wrote:

>> Dave...a reiteration of an earlier request: Can there be a table in your
>> database that contains nothing but the nweek?  Something updated by your
>> script when you do the end-of-nweek thang?
>Unfortunately, there is no such script. Wish there were. :-)
>As it is, all nweek stuff is handled by a relatively small (and very
>occasionally buggy) bit of PHP code. Having to update a database table
>every nweek would be just a little bit more work for me...
>Can you hack around it by doing, say, an HTTP request? Putting up a page
>that has only the current nweek (or nday or whatever) would be trivial.
>It'd be basically:
>echo get_nweek();
>Or I can send you the nweek code if you like, but it has at least one
>known bug that I can't be arsed to fix, and every time the Clock goes Off
>for more than a day (i.e. voting ends while I'm out of town, there's an
>Apocalypse, etc.) it has to be updated by hand. Converting the code to
>Perl or whatever should be trivial enough, though...

Thought you had a script you ran when you counted the votes and generated the listing...Ah well.  I figured your database would be the best spot so that individual ministers could have a common place to look...sort of an ntime server. :)

Seeing as how there's as yet no automated way to create insta-rules, I can update my stuff ndate-relative just as easily as you can.  Thanks, though.


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