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Re: [spoon-discuss] Now which way do I run?

Quoth Orc In A Spacesuit,

>> Ah well.  Time to explore fresh prose form vehicles and tools of logical
>> mayhem.  Now, exactly what did you mean by having the Grid take the place
>> of Dimensions in your prop?
>> Glotmorf
> I meant, in the current rules, there really aren't dimensional places; the
> only actual reference is that the Origin is Full of Stars (and 1 Orc in 1
> Spacesuit :)).  It seems that rather than moving around in dimensions,
> everyone moves around in The Grid.  So in my prop, I just make dimensions
> numbers associated with people, and scrap DimSpace.  However, my prop also
> makes it easy to make more Grid-Like objects, so we could still have all
> sorts of escapades in that area...  If anyone like Dimensions how they are
> now, though, I can easily work them back in.  They just seemed like the
> appendix, no longer useful.

That's good... I was thinking of making something to allow for the creation
of other grid-style spaces, each with their own ministers keeping track of
them... But I guess I don't have to do that now.

> Orc In A Spacesuit
> Current Status: Contemplating Black Holes in DimSpace.

I toyed with the idea of adding event horizons and the like, but I suspect
it will become to conusing to pass.


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