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Re: [spoon-discuss] Now which way do I run?

From: bd <bdonlan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Monday 12 August 2002 02:58 pm, Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:
Could you make the Grid 7-dimensional?


Yup, if a proposal doing so passed. It would have a bit of an effect on rules that reference grid locations, but it would be easy to do. An easier way would be to make the following proposal (after mine passed):

{{__The Next Dimension___
There exists an Object with the following properties:
Name: Dimensional Space
Types: Physical Region [[like The Grid is]]

In it are Locations, known as Dimspots, with the following names: "DimSpot a b c d e f g h i j k", where each of the single-letter instances is an Integer, associated as follows:
Letter Association Restriction
a      Charm
b      Activity
c      Respect
d      Style
e      Entropy
f      BAC
g      Mischievousness
h      Nobility
i      Force
Every DimSpot that can exist does.
In addition to any other Location e is in, every Player is also in the one DimSpot whose integer components equal to the associated Values of that Player (rounded to the nearest Integer. The one DimSpot whose integer component all equal to 0 is known as the Origin. The Origin's Substance is "Full of Stars". [[All Locations have a substance, so it need not be defined here.]] This rule supercedes all other rules that do not specifically overule it. When any rule considers the Location of a Player, it ignores any DimSpot e is in, unless that rule specifies it is considering DimSpots.[[So players aren't yanked out of position by other rules.]]

I don't know if you were asking me to incorporate dimensions, or just asking if it could be done. Well, it can, and if you want this bit incorporated, just let me know.

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