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[spoon-discuss] Now which way do I run?

Can anyone (hello, mentor) give me an official word on which endzone is Team Crimson's? I assume that it is the (1,y) grid locations, but am not sure because of the Entropy Max rule, and how it swaps them, and the slight chance that we overwhelmed Dave and he forgot to change the football rule to swap endzones.

Also, anyone wish to train this poor lowly farmer the ways of the Jedi?

Oh, and I'm sure you will be glad to hear that my Uber-Prop does not change the proposal, rulemaking, voting, or CFI rules. I am working my prop to accept those rules the way they are worded now, although I may propose clarifications later. In fact, I am leaving many rules untouched.

Finally, it appears that Dimensions, as stated in the current rules, don't really mean anything (anymore?), other than just more scores, and there isn't really a dimensional space. I have looked through the past, and found reference to "Dimships", which appear to have created quite a headache, and more. Appearently Dimensions don't really mean anything any more, so I'm just treating them similar to the Score (with, of course, differences that matter). The Grid seems to have taken place of Dimensions. If anyone objects to me doing so in my big prop, please let me know.

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