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Re: [spoon-discuss] Now which way do I run?

On 8/11/02 at 9:57 PM Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:

>Can anyone (hello, mentor) give me an official word on which endzone is
>Crimson's?  I assume that it is the (1,y) grid locations, but am not sure
>because of the Entropy Max rule, and how it swaps them, and the slight
>chance that we overwhelmed Dave and he forgot to change the football rule
>swap endzones.

I believe I'd be your mentor, but I think you have to officially request one on the now-existing business forum.  Never too late...

Meanwhile, yes, Team Crimson's endzone is (1,y).  The rule was modified per Wonko's win.

>Also, anyone wish to train this poor lowly farmer the ways of the Jedi?

Eh, sure.  Sign me up as a mentor and I'll attend to it.

>Oh, and I'm sure you will be glad to hear that my Uber-Prop does not
>the proposal, rulemaking, voting, or CFI rules. I am working my prop to
>accept those rules the way they are worded now, although I may propose
>clarifications later.  In fact, I am leaving many rules untouched.

I have this badge I had made years ago.  It says "TRUST ME" in big, friendly, if slightly gothic, letters.  I used to wear it to Diplomacy games.  Post your brainchild, give us enough time to read it, and we'll see.  Post your brainchild, fail to give us enough time to read it, and we'll vote no.

>Finally, it appears that Dimensions, as stated in the current rules, don't
>really mean anything (anymore?), other than just more scores, and there
>isn't really a dimensional space.  I have looked through the past, and
>reference to "Dimships", which appear to have created quite a headache,
>more.  Appearently Dimensions don't really mean anything any more, so I'm
>just treating them similar to the Score (with, of course, differences that
>matter).  The Grid seems to have taken place of Dimensions.  If anyone
>objects to me doing so in my big prop, please let me know.

In my opinion, my DimShips didn't create a headache.  It was Wonko trying to hotwire my DimShips that created a headache. (It clearly said in the manual that this voided the warranty.)  One that didn't even bring em a Win, though it almost produced an SOE.

What I'd had in mind for Dimensional Space included colonizing and building outposts to keep people out of certain locations...yes, in a way, sort of an N-dimensional grid, except that, barring DimShips, and even then with limitations, one didn't directly move through said space -- one was moved through it by alterations to one's stats, most of which aren't voluntary.  [insert Rod Serling impersonation] Imagine a universe in which, in the alteration of your bank account, or your blood sugar, or your severity of sunburn, you are taken to a different world...

Another way of reflecting travel through dimensional space was to give dimensions effects as they went out in their extremes, similar to BAC and Entropy now, but also have effects for reverse directions.  Then start causing effects from the interaction of two or more dimensions...

Ah well.  Time to explore fresh prose form vehicles and tools of logical mayhem.  Now, exactly what did you mean by having the Grid take the place of Dimensions in your prop?


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