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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Triumphant Return edition)

The Administrator Utters the Magic Words, "Holy shit, I made it!"

BvS's containers of Purple Jesus Punch have 6 and 5 drinks respectively. E
also accrued 33 points of Entropy, converted 99 BNS into 9 points, spent a
all 125 of eir points, and should consider opening a restaurant. (It'll
have to be "The Brevity" or something because e's now well into the
1-syllable Entropy limit.)
-Well, again, I'll sell 'em to anyone who will pay...-

* There were no winners in the "FIND THE FORUM!!!!" subgame. The real
forum was a battered notebook in the passenger seat of my Geo Metro
containing only nude sketches of Reese Witherspoon. (There's no
requirement that the forum be Internet-based.)
-You're a strange and dirty man... oh, and check that notebook for the proposal I made.-

* BvS's funny Motto proposal isn't, same no-forum reason. Shame, that, as
I rather like the motto.
-Bugger. Okay, I'll repropose it, then. Fine.-

* I fear C++ Nomic.
-We all do.-

* Every time I leave, the whole thing turns into Calvinball. Why am I even
here? You seem to be doing just fine without me... :-)
-Yup, because of the dental plan, and yup.-

* Springfield.


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