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Re: [Spoon-business] Re: [spoon-discuss] Stock Market v2.1

I tried to work on Chapter 3, really I did, but this just stuck in my mind. I guess Nomic really is better than sex.


Oh, that's funny... in fact, as I'm a little light on proposal ideas this nweek, I'll use/borrow/steal it. What the hell.

__Graves, make that my New Motto__

Amend Rule 1 to read: "The name of this game shall be 'B Nomic' and the motto of this game shall be 'B Nomic: It's better than sex.'"

Apart from the fact that we have no public forum, so you can't do that right now, (I'm sure one of the twenty unread messages I have includes somebody else mentioning that) do you think you could take out those 'shalls'? The name of the game *is* B Nomic. It shall also be B Nomic for quite some time in the future, hopefully, but still, I'd prefer knowing that it was B Nomic *now*.


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