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Re: [spoon-discuss] A lot of replies 8/7/02

Wonko: Which reminds me, bd's prop in its current form would destroy the ruleset, as the first change would be implemented, that is, the repeal of the ruleset, afterwhich there would be no basis for the execution of the latter part of the proposal, or indeed for the existence of the proposal.

Orc: Actually, bd's repeals all at once, instead of in order like Uin's did. One instant they would all be there, the next none would. In any case, I do not suppord said proposal.

What I meant was, first it would repeal the ruleset, then it would attempt to create a new rule to replace it. But that wouldn't happen, as there would be no logical basis for the creation of the new rule, the fundamental rules on which its creation rests having already been excised.


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