Orc In A Spacesuit on 8 Aug 2002 01:51:05 -0000

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[spoon-discuss] Dangit, Sorry!

I apoligize for the double post, my mistake. And for any headaches I induce with either of them. And for Limburger. That stuff's just nasty.

Anyway, anyone feel free to make comments, suggestions, completions, complatints... I know I forgot some stuff, and even now continue to work on the stuff. One thing that I haven't settled how to do was exactly how to put in the Rule Objects, Judgement Objects, and Proposal Objects. I think that there will be the Ruleset Object, which will contain the rules. Voting will most likely need to be reworked too.

Once again, sorry!

Orc In A Spacesuit
Current Status: Not yet in the game, but already commited something that should be put on the LOGAS (double posting)!

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