Wonko on 13 Feb 2002 23:20:12 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Predictions of Doom and Gloom

Quoth Gavin Doig,

> If the admin misnumbers a rule (in a message to all players, anyway - the
> webpage doesn't count), then the rule just gets renumbered to what he said
> after 20 days (effectively, though not actually, retroactively to the time he
> said it).

But what if the Admin says something like ""Bean sucks, but Vows of Poverty
don't" is 393/0."? That's an almost exact quote from a recent recognizer,
except with a typo in the number. 20 days after this hit the forums, the
All-Important Default case would suddenly cease to exist, because it would
turn into "Bean sucks, but Vows of Poverty don't". That's probably bad...
Not only would it destroy the Default case, but it would also wreak havoc on
the filing system by suddenly turning 393/0 into a proposal. A proposal that
had already been voted on, even. Then what?

There are no stupid questions; just stupid people.