Jonathan Van Matre on 11 Feb 2002 14:52:31 -0000

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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: My Votes

> > Proposal 374/0: Judicial Rear View (Scoff!)
> No. It's a good idea, but it means that it could take more 
> than 2 nweeks to
> settle a CFJ. I'd like to see this back in a form that 
> doesn't wait 'till
> the end of the nweek to overturn, though.

Well, the alternative is either:

1) a special election for every appeal (2 nday lead time or whatever), which is going to make for a *lot* of special elections and special vote countings and special headaches for the Administrator, or

2) have an appeals court of probably 3 judges to judge the appeal.  Which could easily take an nweek by the time one appoints all 3 judges and manages to get them all to submit their ruling.

I don't like waiting up to 2 nweeks either, but it seems the least fiddly method of doing it.  Minimal overhead.

And in most cases it won't be that long -- generally any judgement submitted on ndays 1 through 6 should allow enough lead time for someone to appeal it onto the current nweek's ballot.